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Try your hand at some of these games. Each game poses a unique challenge and requires you to use a different range of skills to complete them.

Hexbusters game Hexbusters

Tackle a series of missions by answering questions using your knowledge of the STEM subjects (Key Stage 3).

Image from Brains' Biomimicry Quiz Brains' Biomimicry quiz

Match the nine objects that appear in nature with the engineering innovations that they inspired.

Image from the JSF Landing game JSF Landing

Control the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) with your mouse and battle the strong winds to safely land on the aircraft carrier.

Image from the Helicopter Landing game Helicopter Landing

Issue commands to the pilot of the Merlin helicopter with your mouse and land it on the aircraft carrier. But don’t forget the tricky weather conditions.

Image from the UGV Control game UGV Control

Control the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) around the course, taking photos along the way.

Image from the Friction game Friction

Use your skill and judgment to consider velocity, friction and resistance as you pot a ball bearing, rolling it over a variety of different surfaces.

Image from the Eggsplorer game Eggsplorer the Game

Use your mouse to aim and launch the rocket as far as you can, but be careful not to break the egg!

Image from the Recyclebots game Recyclobots

Find and resize spare parts to build your own recycled robot, before adding it to our robot gallery.

Image from Corax Rescue game Corax Rescue

Your mission is simple—find all the survivors and get them safely back to base.

Image from The Adventures of Brunel game The Adventures of Brunel

Meet Brunel Bear and take part in his adventures, such as playing games and even flying a plane.

Image from the Tour of Duty game Tour of Duty

Use your arrow keys to drive the BAE Systems truck around the country picking up all the delegates and returning them to HQ.

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