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Becoming an engineer

If you think a career in engineering might be for you, but are unsure of where to start, we're here to help you understand the different paths available.

Explore this section and see how BAE Systems support the engineers of tomorrow through work experience, apprenticeships and our graduate programme. Our careers guidance section also contains some useful tools to help you decide if a career in engineering is really for you.

Choose your path

Whatever stage you're at in your education, use the chart below to choose the path into engineering that best suits you.

Becoming an engineer diagram Work experience 14 to 19 Engineering Diploma Advanced Apprenticeship Programme Craft Apprentice & Technical Apprentice (need 3-5 grade A-C or equivalent) Graduate Development Programme

Teachers notes

Do you need to know more about careers in engineering so you can advise students?

Teachers' section

The Big Bang

See science and engineering come to life with stands, simulators, workshops and great shows!

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