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Work experience

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A work experience placement at BAE can be…

One of the best ways of seeing if a career in engineering is for you is to try it for yourself, and work experience allows you to do just that.

BAE Systems offer exciting work experience opportunities for young people. If you are at school, there may be opportunities at your nearest BAE Systems site in which case the first course of action is to ask your teacher to register your school on this website. Once a teacher has registered your school you can request to take part in our work experience programme.

What kind of work experience placement can BAE Systems offer you in the world of work? Work experience placements are wide-ranging and can involve working in a variety of different environments depending on what activity takes place on the site you will be working at. If you are lucky enough to get a placement you'll need to be prepared. This site will give you guidance of what you can do before you arrive on your first day. When you start you will be given a Health and Safety brief and given answers to all your questions - like where do I go for lunch? Can I take my mobile to work? Once you have completed your work experience, do a review of what you have learnt.

To help you prepare for your placement, work through the following 9 steps:

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The 9 steps

01 Preparation

It's important to be well prepared for your work experience and know what to expect and what's expected of you. By working through the Work Experience Booklet it will help with this. You can watch many of the videos in our Games & Multimedia area to get an idea of what happens on a BAE Systems site. The e-brochure will also give you an idea of the sorts of questions to ask as you prepare.

02 First day

It's your first day of work experience! What will the day hold? Make sure you arrive on time and are wearing the appropriate clothing, and don't forget to take a packed lunch or money for the canteen – whichever you have been advised is the normal practise at your site.

03 Finding out

Your first day will involve an induction – this is a vitally important part at the start of your placement. This is where you will find out information about what the Company does, what the timetable for your work experience will be, who you will be working with, and crucially the Health and Safety information you will need to ensure that your placement is as safe as it can possibly be.

04 Meeting people

At BAE Systems every single employee plays their part in our success. There is such a vast variety of people doing a vast variety of jobs that are needed for us to be able to manufacture the things that we do. You will meet many different people while you are with us. Make the most of the opportunity you have to find out about the things that they do… you never know, a simple conversation might open your eyes to a career path that might change your life forever. Have a look at these questions you can ask your new colleagues. Think of other questions you might like to ask.

05 Exploring the site

The workplace can be dangerous – some of the risks are very obvious, and others will not be at all what you expected. That's why health and safety rules exist to keep you away from danger and help you work safely. It's important to be careful and listen to your host's safety instructions - make sure you follow them as you move around the site and as you go about the tasks that you are set.

06 My job

As well as working as part of a team you'll also have your own responsibilities. Make sure you understand your role and if you need any help or advice, ask the people around you – they'll be happy to help. No question is a daft question… and if you never ask, you'll never know! It is your responsibility to make sure you get the most out of your work experience placement – places are limited so if you have been successful, many others haven't… don't waste the opportunity.

07 Review

Once your placement is over it's time for you, and your host, to review how you got on. What will they say about you? You'll also need to complete the review section in your Work Experience Booklet.

08 Making your mind up

Work experience can be both exciting and a little daunting. Visit the links below to find places where you can go for advice on getting the most from your work placement. And if you're still undecided on the best kind of engineering for you, our interactive engineering diagram will help you decide.

09 Summary

That's the end of our guide to work experience at BAE Systems. Find your nearest BAE Systems site and if your school is registered on our Education Programme website your teacher can start your request for a work experience placement. What are you waiting for?

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