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Resources for teachers

Worksheet Inspired Activities Worksheets

Exciting, innovative and engaging worksheets with experiments for young people to carry out. Linked to Key Stages in Science, Design and Technology, and Maths, the activities are all underpinned with simply explained and appropriate theory and encourage young people to make the links to applications in technology and engineering.

teaching packs Inspired Teaching Packs

Fully resourced lesson plans for teachers linked to Key Stages in Science, Design and Technology, and Maths, including Inspired Activity worksheets for learners. Each lesson has an engaging starter activity, a main activity and progression outcomes supported by the worksheet. BAE Systems technologies and engineering solutions are highlighted for the teacher to help make the link with the innovations across the industry.

Winston Churchill Inspired Heritage Worksheets

An inspired range of worksheets exploring the rich engineering heritage of BAE Systems. Aimed at KS3 and KS4 students, their content is non- statutory, and suitable for cross-over topics which will enhance the core curriculum. Broad and balanced, they are especially suitable for Academies, providing opportunities to investigate themes that link science and technology with humanities and key moments in history. The information in the Inspired Heritage worksheets is further extended by Inspired Visits, an accompanying suite of worksheets that help learners to explore the BAE Systems virtual museums also found on this website.

The Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with STEM Clubs The Royal Academy of Engineering

Our friends at The Royal Academy of Engineering are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers. They do this by bringing together the country’s most eminent engineers from all disciplines to promote excellence in the science, art and practice of engineering.

They’ve shared with us some of their engaging teaching resources which use tasks to introduce ideas and start discussions with young people.

The Big Bang

See science and engineering come to life with stands, simulators, workshops and great shows!

Visit the website