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What is engineering

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Engineering is all around us, and everywhere we look.

Photo of Skeleton Bobsleigh Picture of stealth jet fighter

The best way to understand engineering is to picture a world without it.

Imagine there were no roads, cars, trains or planes. And what would we do if there were no houses, mobile phones, TVs, or even food?

All of these things exist thanks to engineering.

There's more to engineering than you might think

Engineers do exciting work finding the answers to all sorts of problems, whether that's working out new ways of generating power or making a flying car.

Training and studying to become an engineer will prepare you for just about any job you can think of. This is why some engineers go into medicine or law, business or even film directing.

At BAE Systems we have over 30,000 engineers working all over the world designing, testing and building products for global systems, defense and aerospace industries.

Could engineering be for you?

If you think that a fun and exciting career in engineering might be for you, this site has all the information you need.

With so many different types of engineering jobs to choose from you could end up working on land, on the sea or even on projects in the air.

Photo of a male engineer What engineers do

There are many different kinds of engineering, each of which requires different skills and ways of thinking in order to solve all sorts of problems.

Becoming an engineer

Everything you need to know about how to get into engineering, from work experience to diplomas.

Take a look

The Big Bang

See science and engineering come to life with stands, simulators, workshops and great shows!

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